About eFoils

As the creators of the original eFoil, Lift is the leader of this new sport. They have combined the modern technology of electric vehicles with a decade of hydrofoil design and expertise; the result is an elegant and sophisticated ride. The eFoil is no longer a dream or a prototype- they have been in full production for over a year and have delivered over 1,000 units around the world.

eFoil Models

There are different sizes of each board available for use when learning, or mastering the skill of foiling. We currently have the 6'2, 5'6, and 5'0 models available for customers. We start the majority of people on the 6'2 Explorer board, but may suggest other options to riders depending on size. 



  • Ride time: Average 60 minutes up to 90 minutes

  • Speed: Up to 25mph

  • Carbon Fiber Wing: Single-piece Classic Design, and two-piece Surf Series carbon fiber wings

  • Carbon Fiber Masat: 28 inch carbon fiber mast 

  • Brushless submersible motor

  • Lithium Ion Battery:  2kW Lithium Ion Battery

  • Charge Time: Under 2 hours

  • Hand Controller: Bluetooth, waterproof

How They Work

The hydrofoil wing creates lift in the water as the speed is increased from the propulsion motor. The motor is powered by a large lithium battery that can last up to an hour and half. The speed and power is controlled by a wireless bluetooth remote you hold in your hand. Once basic throttle skills are acquired, the speed creates enough lift for the board to come out of the water. Basically its a magic carpet! Come take a ride.